राष्ट्रीय खेल विज्ञान एवं शारीरिक शिक्षा परिषद् 


National Council of Sports Science & Physical Education - NCSPE was founded in the 2017 (Registered Under the Trust Act of Govt. of India) is a Non Profit & Non-Government Organization, Committed to promote Sports for All, Physical Education, Sports Science, Research, Youth & Social Activities at National and International level in view to spread Olympic Movement & Olympism  to realize the dream of Barron Pierre de Coubertin. 


  • To organize and conduct Physical Education Activities, Games & Sports Classes/Events for members and those receiving instruction under them and to train them in India.
  • To affiliate/associate to the National Body’s & State Committees for spreading Sports Science & Physical Education in all over India & Abroad.
  • To promote good will and social gathering among the members.
  • To exchange view, knowledge and experience among the members.
  • To investigate complaints received form members.
  • To invite suitable instructors and Physical Education-Traditional Sports/Games experts from National Body’s and forms local and overseas Federations to give higher training to the members of Committee.
  • To organize and conduct National & International Sports & Games Seminar, Championships & Tournament, Exhibitions, Demonstrations and other Sports & Physical Education activities in India and abroad for members of the Committee.
  • To send and subsides suitable candidates to participate in Sports & Physical Education meets, Championships, Tournaments, Exhibitions, Demonstrations and other Sports & Youth activities in India or overseas countries.
  • To act and to any other lawful things conducive to the attainment of the object of the Committee.
  • To promote awareness of Sports, Physical Education & Youth Activities of India amongst the general public and in particular the younger generation.
  • To conduct or sponsor performances of Sports, Fitness & Youth Activities etc. and also exhibitions symposiums etc. in the field of traditional activities.
  • To provide facilities to students and artists to promote awareness and facilities attainment of expertise in the traditional activities.
  • To provide a low cost /free facilities to the weaker section to learn the art of Physical Education & Sports.
  • To print and publish literature develop and create audio - visual materials of importance to the public and artists.
  • To establish maintain, improve or manage and run existing or new Physical Education & Sports School/ College/ Institute/ Academy (S) for the training & education of Sports & Physical Activities.
  • To associates with any other allied institutions- Traditionally oriented/projected groups that the Trustee may deem fit.
  • To arrange, give Sports & Physical Education & Other Traditional Sports/Activities stories, Techniques, Stunts and promote the study of theory and practice of Sports in all its forms and variety for entertainment or educational purpose.
  • To arrange for the writing, tape, recording, making of records by any process, what so ever containing Sport, Physical Education & Youth Activities of every description on cassette or otherwise.
  • To import export buy sell all instruments of Sports & Physical Education records by any process whatsoever containing Sports Lesson, Sports of every description on Records or otherwise.
  • For the further of the objects enumerated above to undertake, organize and facilitate conferences, seminars, study course, training programmers, lectures and workshops and similar other activities.
  • For the furtherance of the objects of the objects enumerated above to maintain liaison with professional institutions and education and training bodies in various parts of the world.
  • To act in collaboration with central and state a Governments and other appropriate agencies for formulation and exaction of projects which would further the objects as set out above and to accept any grants, funds and donations for the said purpose.
  • To act as clearing house of information for various individuals, institutions, or other persons interested in the activities listed above.
  • To provide consultancy services under its auspices or through its faculty to public or private institutions to further the cause of the objects enumerated above.
  • To Endeavour of establish and maintain liaison with other association or federation or organized bodies in India or abroad whose objects are in keeping with the objects of this trust.
  • To purchase/take on lease or in exchange or otherwise acquire. To possess and dispose of any movable property which may be deemed necessary, expedient or desirable for any of the object of this trust.
  • To enter into arrangements amalgamation with any other association, institutions, societies or Trusts having similar objects of this Trusts.
  • To borrow money or receive deposit upon such terms and condition as the Board shall deem necessary or expedient for achieving the objects of the Trusts.
  • To Promote and encourage the Physical, Moral and Cultural Education of the Youth of the Nation for the Development of Character, Good Health and Good Citizenship.
  • To Build Social Harmony and Friendly Society by Organize Sports and Youth Activities Events.
  • To Fight against Social evils such as Dowry, Rape, Girl Child Killing, Discrimination, and Other Immorality.
  • To follow sports for all structure of IOC & implements Physical Education Activity in India according to UNESCO Charters.